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Taiwan Serving

  • Over 310,000 Indonesian migrant workers

  • Hundreds of Indonesian spouses married to Taiwanese

  • 300 fishing ports with Indonesian fishermen
  • 7 immigrant detention centers with hundreds of foreign labors in custody
  • Men and women prisons
  • 超過30,000印尼外籍勞工

  • 上萬的印尼配偶嫁到台灣

  • 300個漁港都有印尼外籍勞工工作
  • 台灣有7個移民拘留中心,有數千上萬的外籍勞工被拘留
  • 男女監獄探訪

There are nearly 300 seaports in Taiwan; thousands of fishermen are foreign labors that left their families behind to here alone. Many of them work over 10 hours daily. They often sleep either on the fish net or on the boat. They need heart-to-heart care.

Currently, we visit four seaports on a regular basis. We cook lunch for the fishermen and chat with them during their break time. We also give out daily essentials to the fishermen. 


目前我們有四個定期探訪的漁港:每週一新竹漁港, 每週六永安漁港。我們為漁民們準備午餐, 和他們聊天;定期我們也會派送一些生活用品給他們。

Fishermen Care


We have the opportunity to be invited to lead the fellowships for Neili College, Chung Yuan Christian University, and Taichung Indonesian college group every month. Many of them are college and PhD students come from Southeast Asia to study in Taiwan alone. They eager to the knowledge and to seek the right path of life.


College Fellowships


We visit prisoners on a monthly basis. Many of them are not open-hearted, and lost hope of living. Yet, as you never give up to love and to care, a few of them are willing to open their  heart slowly. Some of these few are even willing to become one of us and get training to prepare themselves; so that he can join our team after releasing from the prison.

This is such an encouragement for us to continue serving this special group. We are here to help these people to re-recognize the meaning of life and help them to re-start a new life. 

每月定期到訪監獄探望。 他們很多人的心堅硬如磐石、或對生活放棄了希望;但在愛與關懷面前,他們慢慢地願意敞開心房。甚至有願意成為我們 的一員,接受訓練,釋放後參與我們的工作。能夠幫助這些人重新認識生命,拾起新的生活,是你我堅持的動力。

Visit Prison


You can meet many people here in different ages, social status and class; yet, they are all similar due to car accident or other injury. Many of them are hopeless and depress due to the sudden change on body disability. 

We visit the Bethesda Gospel Rehabilitation Center in Taipei on regular basis to care and enlighten the patients.



Rehabilitation Center Care


Taiwan Immigration Detention centers are part of its National Immigration Agency under the Governing Regulations to ensure the security measure for the forced deportation. The forced deportation often comes into force for reasons of illegal entry, overstayed a visit or the period of residence, working without a permit, and committed crimes. Detainees mostly are foreigner workers from South East Asia, such as Thailand, Philippine, Vietnam, and the largest population is from Indonesia. The maximum day for foreigners is limited to 120 days; and the average duration of detention is from 30 to 60 days. [1] 

Similar to prisons, detainees’ freedom of movement is restricted to avoid escape. Due to high density of detainees, lack of privacy, medical resources, and public health condition are the most common concerns in the centers. Besides those, during the time staying in the detention centers, detainees’ outdoor activities are very limited; and most of time, they are being forced by staying inside with minimum activities. Therefore, many of them are looking forward for people from outside to visit them.

Our staff and volunteers visit the Detention centers in Hsinchu and Nantou on a regular basis. We sing, chat, and host simple indoor entertainments with the detainees in groups. We also chat with the individual to listen and care for their needs. Our visits bring enjoyment and meaningful messages to them are our motivation. 

[1] source from: http://www.tahr.org.tw/node/1218

台灣移民收容所隸屬於內政部入出國及移民署, 專門確保遣返過程。 收容之目的依照法律規定僅為強制驅逐出國的保全措施,通常構成強制驅逐出國的理由包含非法入境、逾期停留居留、非法打工、或犯罪。大多數收容人士來自東南亞地區如,泰國、菲律賓、越南,其中印尼為數居多。外籍人士收容最長的天數只能為120天,平均收容天數依各收容所遣返行政作業進度不一,為30天至60天不等。

與監獄相似,收容者的移動自由受到限制以免逃走。同時由於人滿為患,收容空間過於壅擠、隱私不佳、醫療資源投入不足、公共衛生環境等是常見的隱患。 除此之外,在拘留期間,他們都受限制於收容所內。因此,收容所內大多數人都非常盼望有外面的人來探望他們。


Immigration Detention Center


It is a good opportunity to get to know those in-home care providers. We can chat and care these foreign labors.  We also host a mini concert at park for entertainment at their free time.


​Community caring

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