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Luke Services International (LSI) was established in 1999. It is registered as a non-profit charity organization in both the United States and Kyrgyzstan.

Through medical services, community services, and vocational training, LSI is dedicated to serve and to bring the love of Christ to those in need in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, and Taiwan.

The operations of LSI is managed by its Advisory Committee, Board of Directors, Ministry Director, Executive Committee, and co-workers.​

We are commissioned to provide affordable medical services, language education, vocational training, professional training, counseling, and economic assistance to the people in these regions.

​The head quarter of LSI is located in Los Angeles, California, United States; responsible for coordination, administration, development, and training.

路加國際服務團LSI成立於1999年, 在美國及中亞洲吉爾吉斯共和國註冊為非營利慈善機構。


透過醫療, 社區服務與就業培訓在中亞洲, 東南亞及台灣一帶,以基督的愛為宗旨服侍有需要的人。


LSI 之監管與運作包括國際顧問團, 董事會, 總幹事, 執行委員會及同工團隊。



路加國際總部位於美國加州洛杉磯,主要負責統籌、 行政、 拓展、 訓練、及資源。

 Our Headquarters 







Training & Resources Center


Promotion, coordinate special meetings, and coordinate supporters.

推廣宣傳, 編印刊物, 電子傳訊, 籌備特別聚會, 聯係支持者。

Budget planning, human resources, accounting and tax, and employee benefits.

經費計劃,人事處理, 會計稅務,及同工福利。

Develop new projects; implement strategic plans. Recruit co-workers.

發展新項目, 實施可行性規劃,招募同工。

Library, multi-media center, language, counseling, and character training, etc.

圖書及影視中心, 語言, 輔導,及品格訓練等。

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